Monday, November 4, 2019

Consumer behaviour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Consumer behaviour - Essay Example These products have been grouped together depending on the type of decision rules that consumers would adopt while purchasing them Consumers will exhibit habitual/routine response behaviour while buying these products. In such cases, the consumer recognizes a problem and resorts primarily on internal search only, i.e. relies on his long-term memory. The internal search throws out a single solution, i.e. the most preferred brand which is purchased by the customer. There is thus low level of consumer involvement in such cases. Consumers typically demonstrate routine buying behaviour in case of low priced products that are frequently purchased. Consumers will resort to limited problem solving (LPS) decision rules while purchasing an aftershave lotion or taking carpeting decisions. Under LPS, consumers resort to some amount of external search in addition to internal search. They tend to consider a few alternatives before selecting a particular brand. Products involved in LPS arouse mild interest and curiosity. Consumers also resort to a little post purchase evaluation in such cases. Consumers will resort to extensive problem solving while purchasing luxury cars. They indulge in extensive information search which is followed by a complex evaluation of multiple alternatives. This process entails a thorough post purchase evaluation in such cases. Consumers use the extensive problem solving decision rules in case of infrequently purchased, very highly priced products. Typically such products carry a high symbolic meaning and have high social visibility. There are numerous features like focus, film format, lenses, timers, preview button, viewfinder, light meters, shutter controls etc. that can be considered while purchasing a 35mm camera. I find that the following attributes are relevant and must be kept in mind while making the purchase decision for a 35 mm camera; Shutter Speeds, Flash Sync, Autofocus,

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